Now that we’re comfortable, let’s play a game. Okay, close your eyes. Are they closed?

SheepNow that I’m talking to the people who are not sheep, let’s proceed. Make some reasonable statement any rational person could condone – say, that some people are better than others at playing the piano. No miracles, revelations or other nonsense.

Make another statement that seems to follow logically from the first. Hmm. Maybe that the idea of “better” implies a hierarchy of skills … as people get better they get more “perfect” … no matter how good somebody is, it’s still possible to imagine somebody more perfect … and so on.

Remember: No miracles!

You’re reenacting the infamous Medieval project of trying to prove the existence of God using reason alone.

Two proofs stand out here, like smart goats at the top of a mountain. We’re afraid. If either of them work – that is, really prove that God exists – we here at The God Project Dot Net will have to hang up our routers, detach our dongles, and go back to digital marketing. Our work here on Earth would be complete.

Anselm was a distractable young monk in 11th century France. His mind drifted during the doxology and reeled during the recitation of the Hours. His conclusion: He was being tempted by Satan. Or: He was a philosopher.

One day he rushed back to his cold, dark cell and committed what became known as the “ontological argument” for the existence of God. It’s the single best-known “proof” ever.

What did he say?


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