The Truth About the Truth About the Da Vinci Code

Good morning, Seekers, and welcome to your daily warning!

Audrey Tatou

Investigator of the Big Bang

We were trolling yesterday for a playful link to attach to the name of Robert Langdon, great fictional symbologist and Tom Hanks vehicle, and we ran across a flashy, multilingual site called and its companion portal

These sites interested me, and not just because I am an admirer of Langdon’s fictional treatise on the Illuminati. They clearly cost more than a little dinero – they are not just fan sites. Nor are they affiliated with Sony Pictures. They include literally dozens of short, scholarly-sounding articles on deep topics such as “Is the Bible True?” and “Does Religion Fear Science?” and “What Is the Future of Religion?”

Pause tape. Where’s old Opus Dei here? Where’s the pixie-like yet intensely resourceful Audrey Tatou? Nowhere! These sites sound like they have an Agenda … although, happily, it’s not quite hidden. Fine print at the bottom reveals they were both built by the Philadelphia-based Westminster Theological Seminary.

Westminster was founded in the 1920’s to preserve the legacy of B. B. Warfield, a well-known member of the Princeton Theological Seminary at a time when it basically defined modern American Evangelical Protestantism. They’re back! Well-funded stealth Evangelicals. Prime candidates for TGPDN’s prestigious “E” rating!

One entry in particular caught our eye: “Is There Evidence that God Created Earth?” by the fictional-sounding Vern S. Poythress, Ph.D. (You know the answer already, right?) Poythress mentions CERN’s Large Hadron Collider and Big Bang Theory, of course, and concludes:

“Today cosmologists agree that the Big Bang was real. But they debate whether something else came before it. They discuss oscillating models … [and] the possibility of multiple universes…. But at present there is no hard experimental evidence for any of these possibilities.”

Conclusion: The man who takes God out of the Big Bang is evidencing a “desire to be a little god, to run his own life independently.” Bad little man!

Warfield himself was known to be open to the idea of Evolution, so long as it didn’t challenge anything he believed. That’s a big look-out. He kind of sounds like Poythress in some lecture notes prepared in 1888:

“We may as well admit that the account of the creation of Eve is a very serious bar in the way of a doctrine of creation by evolution.”

Well. Poythress also echoes a very old ontological argument for the existence of God, one more poetic than Anselm’s. It’s sometimes called the “kalam” argument and was formulated in the Middle Ages by Al-Ghazali.



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