In Search of …

Big Sky Montana

The God Project Dot Net is somewhat closer to Heaven (<–) this week, keeping an eye out for You-Know-Who. Will we find It? That all depends on whether or not (a) we know what we are looking for, (b) It is detectable, (c) we are perceptive enough, and (d) we exist.

See what happens when you read too much Medieval hair-splitting?

A thought from the best-selling poet, lay Benedictine and spiritual memoirist Kathleen Norris, whose moving reflections on depression, death and doubt were published a few years ago as Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer’s Life

“There is a faith for those of us who, like Miss Dickinson, may ‘believe, and disbelieve a hundred times an Hour, which keeps Believing nimble.'”


2 responses to “In Search of …

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