Very Short Anselm Remix 4U

Recently came across this 1907 intro to a collection of our old friend Anselm’s greatest hits. It seems to me like a surprisingly clear explanation of his position on faith, which as we know has perplexed dozens of people over many centuries.

Anselm, says the writer (a guy named Weber), is sometimes called the “Second Augustine.” And he:

“starts out from the same principle as the first; he holds that faith precedes all reflection and all discussion concerning religious things. The unbelievers, he says, strive to understand because they do not believe; we, on the contrary, strive to understand because we believe. They and we have the same object in view; but inasmuch as they do not believe, they cannot arrive at their goal, which is to understand the dogma. The unbeliever will never understand. In religion faith plays the part played by experience in the understanding of the things of this world.”

For better or worse, sounds about right to me.


3 responses to “Very Short Anselm Remix 4U

  1. I liked the Ice Cube St. Anselm remix from his last album.

  2. But, of course.

  3. @keith – actually, the Ferry-Corsten joint from “Buddha Chillout Vol. 5” is off the hook

    @anonymous – you are correct, sir or madame

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