The purpose of this blog is to describe what I hope is a truly open-minded journey to find an answer to the simple, impossible question: Is there a God?

I do not have a secret agenda. I really want to know.

Martin KihnMany brilliant people have addressed this question over many centuries, and I find myself wondering what they have to tell us now. Is Anselm’s “proof” of the existence of God as convincing as he thought it was? What about Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, the new New Atheists who are no less convinced than Augustine or Paul that their truth is self-evident?

My approach is to present a broad-ranging inquiry into the ideas, methods and evidence of the men and women who have engaged the divine. At times, I will get out into the world and look for God where others seem to have found It. Being human, I will talk about myself too much. (These are my most popular posts so far.)

Will we arrive at an answer together? Will we stop asking questions?

Bad Dog: A Love StoryThe creator of this blog is Martin Kihn. He is the author of the books “House of Lies,” “A$$hole” and “Bad Dog: A Love Story,” a comic memoir about how dog training can save your life. “House of Lies” is the basis of an upcoming Showtime series of the same name starring Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell. “Bad Dog” was published in April by Pantheon.

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